Sunday, February 25, 2007

Of Swords and Bunnies....

I came across an all-too-familiar occurance yesterday...

I was looking for a simple product -- one that you'd think would be easily available in some form or another during the middle of the winter. I wasn't looking for anything exotic or novelty, or rare.. just a freakin fire log to help start fires in a fireplace.

Went to all of the places that might conceivably carry such a thing, and found NOTHING!

I was so upset that I did the only thing I could do at the time: I bought a handful of Hershey's Chocolate bars, and went home, and opened a jar of peanut butter & feasted away my frustrations.

No joke.. instead of buying Hershey's Chocolate bars, I was this close --> <-- to buying a chocolate easter bunny or two, just so I could bite off their heads! Living in small town America has it's benefits -- mostly, it's quiet, and not nearly as stressful or hectic as large cities. But when it comes to shopping options, or wanting to find common things
(especially technology related), small towns are definitely a two-edged sword: you will either find nothing; or if you do find it, will pay an arm & a leg for it. Just thinking about it again as I type this is getting me upset, again...



  1. Nice to hear your comments about life in a small town. I have to remember to concentrate on the positive aspects of living 'off the beaten path'. We live in one of the capitols of Europe, and can't find zip-lock bags, for instance. I needed replacement string for my string-trimmer in the middle of the summer a couple of years ago, so I went to one of the big hardware chains here. They were sold out, and I asked them when they would have more in stock and they said, 'try next March'.

    There's inconvenience everywhere, but there are basic things like low noise and clear air that are invaluable features of living outside of the clots of humanity that are our cities.

  2. Dont' kill the wabbit!!! lol too funny.. You mean to tell me you dont have a Menards there or anything like that?? and i thought we were bad in