Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blowing Off The Cobwebs....

OK.. so the dryspell of which I spoke in my last blog entry.. ummm... March 25, 2007.. lasted for about 19 months!! I'm suddenly psyched to get back into the blogging thing, and give it another go!

I hope that I won't run out of ideas... thanx for checking back, and sticking around! As with all pictures in my blogs, click on the pics to enlarge. This blog entry contains pictures I've taken of spider webs. The large intro pic was, of course, taken during summer. And the 3 smaller pics are spider webs taken during the winter months, after a fresh snow. It's amazing how much weight those things can carry... If you enlarge the pic farthest to the left, you will see a captured red ant, still dangling from the web's deadly ensnares!! He no doubt made a tastey winter morsal for some resourceful spider!
~Awesomely Plain :-)

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