Sunday, February 04, 2007

Save Us, Godzilla!!...
The Godzilla Dryer (WMV)

The Godzilla Dryer (QuickTime)

Here is an example of how my little brain works....

For some time now, I've noticed that whenever I pull the lint tray out of my dryer, the sound of the wire mesh against the metal of the dryer makes a sound that reminds me exactly of the sound that Godzilla makes, when he growls...

I finally had a chance to prove my theory yesterday, when a Godzilla movie was showing on the Sci-Fi channel. I took video of me taking out the lint tray from my dryer, and video of Godzilla doing his yelp. It's uncanny how alike they sound!

Throw in some clips from the movie, add a snippet of the song "Animal", by Def Leppard, and you have this blog!

I'm looking forward to the comments on this one... :-)


  1. You are too funny!! i think you need to get out more!! great make me laugh post!

  2. I seriously think all that cold weather is getting to!

  3. man you have way to much time on your hand

  4. You REALLY need to get a job...a girlfriend...a life..a hobby...SOMETHING....

    (I never thought of this stuff...and I used to DRINK for crying out loud!!!)

  5. LMAO! lemme see... the overly-busy job, i have.. hobby... ummm.. that would be THIS!.. as for the other two.. well... at least im getting pretty good at photography and video editing/creation! :-D btw, i saw 'planet of the apes' again this wknd.. maybe i'll have another 'chimps vs. apes' dream? (see blog topics for 'Apes - Monkeys').

    luv the comments!!