Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Rites Of Spring...

There are certain rituals that I perform each year, which let me know that Spring has sprung. These won't attract flocks of tourists, like when the Swallows return to Capistrano, but I'm hella glad for that. (I don't think I'd want busloads of Nikon-snapping tourists passing thru my bedroom. Altho, if I charged $2 per head, I could go to Capistrano myself and be one of the Nikon-snappers... hmm?). Some of my Springtime Rituals include:

  • Sleeping the entire nite without using the electric blanket. Last nite was the first nite since... ummm... last October (?) that I DIDN'T turn on my electric blanket AT ALL! Wooohoooo! For all of the winter months, that baby is set on '10' (hottest setting), and kept there all nite long. I've gotta be toasty when I sleep... I don't personally believe in reincarnation; but if I did, I'm sure I used to be a Pop Tart in some past life. (Brown Sugar Cinnamon, of course).
  • Though this Rite of Spring hasn't actually occured yet -- & is probably still several weeks! away *gasp* -- it is also a sure sign that Spring is in the air. In the not too distant future, I will slowly begin to move all of my long, thick winter socks to the back of the sock drawer, and gradually replace them with my little, ankle socks. Yes, like some sort of an All-Cotton Iceberg, the heavy socks will recede, leaving in their wake, the much anticipated 'Socks Of Summer'. Yessss! *insert cartwheel here*.
  • In a related ritual, the inner-lined Wind Pants will give way to the non-lined Wind Pants. This is another sure sign of Spring. (Later, these will be moved out of my 'clothes-to-wear' rotation, and be replaced with actual pairs of shorts... Mental note: I still need to buy that insta-tan stuff... look for the brown colored, plastic container w/the white lettering. See "The Rooster Cogburn Blog" of March 28th, 2006).
Yes, fellow bloggers & passers-by, Spring is on it's way! I, for one, couldn't be happier about it -- Winter seems to last forever! I'm off now to shower and become presentable -- that first busload of Nikon-snappers should be pulling up anytime now... If you're new to the site, feel free to check-out the archives for previous blogs. As always, come again, feel free to comment, & tell your friends. I promise not to charge $2 a visit. :-)


  1. The only way you know if it is Spring time in the Rockies is when you notice suddenly that you haven't had a blizzard since May 15th...and temperatures actually stay above freezing for more than 2 consecutive days and/or nights. In other words, don't get too anxious about losing the electric blanket just yet...btw...do they still MAKE electric blankets??? I don't think you can even FIND one in the South...where they actually have 4 Seasons. In the Rockies, we all know you only have 3 seasons...Winter (8 months), Summer (2.5 months)and Fall (1.5 months). Ya'll come back now, hear? :0)

  2. thx, deb, for the kewl socks pic :-)