Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fall Vacation: Day 5 (White Mtns -- New Hampshire)...

White Mountains (NH), Fall Foliage - WMV
Avalanche Falls, NH - WMV

The all-day rain that was threatened yesterday did materialize, but was mostly just a light mist. The big rain storm blew threw overnite, before we got to The White Mountains.

We missed the 'peak' colors there, probably only by about a week -- most of the leaves had fallen already, and the big rain the night before didn't help things. But these areas are higher in elevation than the areas in Vermont, Connecticut, & Massachusetts, which we will be going thru on Friday & Saturday. So, I'm hoping that we will catch these lower elevation areas at their peak of color. Plus, the weather is supposed to be mostly sunny the next two days, so I'm optimistic about some really great pics to take & share w you all.

But, despite missing the peak colors in the areas we went today, and despite drizzly weather, some decent pics were still taken. I also too a few videos, including ones of fall foliage & of Avalanche Falls, both in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. (Click on the WMV links at the beginning of this blog to view the videos). And, of course, the scenery was beautiful.

Enjoy these pics from today. Keep your fingers crossed for some excellent fall foliage pics for Friday, and especially Saturday!

Click the pics to enlarge. More on Friday.


  1. ok. umm I truly am mezmorized by this. This is my next vacation spot for sure. I am hooked on this now. I can imagine you dont want to leave after seeing this.