Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fall Vacation: Day 4 (Salem & Maine)...

Head Light Lighthouse - Portland, ME - WMV

Today was another good day, even tho it was pretty windy along the coast, and overcast.

The first new place we visited was Salem, Massachusetts. Of course, being close to Halloween, and in Salem, we went to the Salem Witch Museum. Was a good presentation there, but I noticed it was very politically correct. The two most noticeable things about Salem (besides all of the Witch themes & shops), were that alot of the people there wore black, in whole or in part. And there were at least 3 schools doing field trips there. Goth is a fairly popular look. The natives were all very nice, and helpful people.

Next, we headed up the coast, to Portland, Maine. When we got there on the coast, it very windy, and HELLA cold! But, it hadn't started raining yet. Took quite a few pics of a couple really kewl lighthouses that were there, as seen on this blog; as well as various coastline pics. Also, I took several videos of the Head Light Lighthouse. To view one of them, click on the "Head Light Lighthouse - Portland, ME - WMV" link, above. You can see & hear from the video how blustery n cold it was -- but it was well worth the it!

All in all, it was another good day. Had some exceptional food.

Tomorrow -- Thursday -- is definitely going to be a rainy day for all, or most of it. Hopefully it won't spoil our fall foliage watching. Come cloud or rain, pics will be taken!!

Looking ahead, Friday and Saturday have some really good things planned, including some really good foliage viewing opportunities -- and the weather is supposed to be clearing up. So, tomorrow isn't 'do or die' as far as chances to catch the fall colors. But, I'll take what nature gives me, and of course, share some of them w you.

Until tomorrow -- you know the routine. Click the pics to enlarge. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh what beautiful.. Wow.. I dont know what to say really. I am now wanting so badly to go there. Wow..