Saturday, August 05, 2006

Anatomy Of A Workout...

This is DEFINITELY one of those blog entries where you NEED to click on the pic to enlarge it...

You know it's been TOO LONG since you've worked-out when your exercise machine leaves a silhouette of dust.... If that isn't a metaphor for something...??

Yes, I'm counting down to my next 'real' vacation in the fall. I have 9 weeks to get myself into: "'Here, take my picture in front of....' shape". After faithfully working out this spring to get into summer-time shape (lost 13 lbs!), I've definitely noticed that I've started to put back most of what I labored to get rid of (I've re-gained 9 lbs).. ugh! That's one drawback I have in the summer -- with the nice weather, I'm waaay too inclined to go out to get something to eat, which usually means fast food. In the winter when it's hella cold, good luck on even getting me to leave my hermit's den.

As I pointed out in my May 12th blog, "Bigfoot: We Hardly Knew Ye", we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves if we eat too much junk food. I made the decisions to eat alot of not so healthy stuff this summer - but hey, it's summer!! Eat, drink, and be merry!! That's part of what summer is all about (especially when your winter lasts for 8 months!!). But, starting NOW, I'm freely choosing to start working out faithfully, watching how much I eat, and (kinda) watching what I eat... Hey, it's STILL summer... gotta have a chili dog now n then, and a tastey Strawberry shake! :-)

So, starting today... Resolution #1: Be more active, eat more healthy, drink more water.

Oh, and Resolution #2.... invest in some lemon fresh 'Pledge' (for dusting)!! If I remember right, it's a bright yellow aerosol can, with wood-brown colored lettering...

After that initial workout, I think it's time for... a nice, healthy salad. :-) Wish me luck, readers!

Peace. Out.

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