Saturday, July 01, 2006

What Do They Do?...

I was wondering, in this time of yr when vacations come about... where do people in the great vacation spots go for a great vacation? I mean, do people in Hawaii, for example, ever get fed up with endless days of beautiful beaches, tropical scenery, and idyllic sunrises & sunsets? Do they ever think: 'Gawd, I gotta get outta here. I need to go some place nice?'

I suppose that people everywhere always tend to think that the grass is greener just over the horizon.... more peaceful.... restful. Do people in the tropics dream of snowy getaways? When the snow outside my door is 4 feet deep, and the wind is blowing 60 miles per hour, am I imagining myself on the same soft, sandy beach that they are wanting to leave far behind? And when they see my weather forecast, of several days of several feet of snow, are they thinking: 'Those people there are SOOO lucky! They must be skiing, snowboarding, huddled up with hot cocoa or a hot toddie, and soaking in the warmth from a roaring fireplace!!'

So, again, it really is about perception. Personally, I don't much care if the grass is greener beyond the horizon, or if the snow is purer -- just so long as I don't have to mow or shovel either one when I get there.

Enjoy the mix of tropical pics taken when I was in Hawaii, and some various
mainland pics from other vacations. Do the tropical Toucan birds ever wish they could trade places with the hearty, not-for-wimps birds where I am? Hmmm...

Click on the pics to enlarge. Some are panoramic! Enjoy.


  1. heavenscentangel7/01/2006 9:16 AM

    You have always been an amazing man to me...glad that you are letting others see what I see..what I know...that you are so talented!! Keep looking ahead..and follow your dreams..the road is long..and you have so much to give..I have always been so proud of you!

  2. Hello!

    I just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful blog!! I'm thrilled to read your wise and interesting thoughts and look at the stunning pictures. Keep up the good work! (You are most welcome to have a peak at my blog also, if you should ever feel like it. I'm from Norway, married to an american and have a little daughter. My blog is in English)

  3. I love all the pictures.. And I know that here in Iowa I wish I was in other places! I think there comes a time when you think enough is enough and want to go other places. I explore the unknown (Like me :)~ Thank you for sharing these.. Wonderful again.. ~~Deanna~~

  4. Hey! Great pictures and text. Wow, that Hawaian scenery is to knock your eyes out. The rocky and jagged valley reminds me a little of the valley where the cottage is up here. Minus the tropical birds and plants, of course. We do have muskox, though!