Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Mid-Summer Blog...

Is the glass half
full, or half empty?

Now that the summer solstice has come n gone, summer begins her slow fade to fall... Yes, the days are getting shorter now, by about a minute or so per day. Which brings up the question above: Is the glass half full, or half empty?

Sure, June is just about shot. July 4th is a little over a week away - the unofficial midway point of summer vacation. But I say that instead of focusing on the reality of shorter and shorter days, sometimes it's better to concentrate on the perception. If we take a few steps back, and take a few moments to notice the quiet things around us, then maybe time can stand still for a few moments. And in this small way -- the simple enjoyment of simply being -- the perception of making time 'stand still', will add to the day a length of satisfaction which makes up for the measure of daylight that is lost.

It's all about perception, and looking at things differently. And, sometimes, it's all about changing the options we are given.

So, it isnt about if the glass is half full. Nor is it about if the glass is half empty. Maybe it's about realizing h
ow lucky we are that our glass is twice as big as we need.

Enjoy the mid-summer pics taken at a family cookout this wknd. Some of the pics were taken by my neice, who really did a fine job. And of course, the food was excellent. Remember, click on any pic to see it full size.

Ya really gotta luv summer...


  1. once again...LOVE the pics!

  2. hmm..lets I press this little ...woohoo. I can post comment. Well..what can I say?. As always, I love your know that ...and you know?... i really enjoy reading your's like youre talking to me... and I kinda like that. Summer had finally arrived in England..buit I'm worried if I blink it will all be over ( it's hard going around looking like a startled rabbit..with eyes wide open all the time) ok So I have probably run out of space... one last thing.. Say my birds! *grin*