Thursday, July 06, 2006

'Tis A Mild, Mild Day, Starbuck... A Mild Looking Sky...

Everywhere has it's own unique beauty about it. Even the most remote places have their hidden charms. In most places, the very best times of day are at sunrise and
sunset. Even tho I can gaze under blue skies for 50 miles or more on any given day, (even in the winter time), I still think that sunrise is the best time -- especially when there are whispy clouds on the horizon where the sun comes up.

I'll share one particular sunrise w you. This is one blog where clicking the pics to enlarge will pay off nicely.

But, 'tis a mild, mild day... and a mild looking sky.


  1. Wow! Those are excellent pictures. THanks for that post. I'm going off-line for a few days. See you when we get back.

  2. Wow that's beautiful! I love it when I can take pictures like these.. Very amazing.. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing those.. ~~Deanna~~