Friday, July 07, 2006

The Double Rainbow Blog...

I was out n about yesterday afternoon, when we had a short, sudden cloudburst. It was raining steadily, but the sun was still shining. And as a result, one of those rare & awesome double rainbows! Caught without my trusty digital camera, but not having time to go back home & get it (I didn't want to miss the moment), I resorted to using the camera on my cell phone.

I wish I had my good digital camera with me to capture the vibrant colors. But, I was glad that I didn't miss it entirely. The double rainbow is preserved here, stitching together 3 seperate pics taken from my cell phone.

BTW, though the rainbow ended only about a block or two from where I took the pictures, no pot of gold was found.... but enjoy this tiny nugget of good luck.

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  1. Wow you captured this perfect.. This is awesome. May I just say I really enjoy your pictures and your writings alot.. Thanks for sharing them. ~~Deanna~~