Saturday, May 20, 2006

Without A Wind, We'll Lose Him!!...

In the classic, 1956 film by John Huston -- "Moby Dick" -- Capt. Ahab (superbly played by Gregory Peck) is in a relentless pursuit of the Great White Whale. At one pivotal point in the movie, Ahab and the crew of the Pequod have rowed out to give chase to Moby Dick. The great ocean beast has surfaced just beyond their little boats, and is slipping away from Ahab's grasp. Ahab looks up to Heaven with disdain and anger, and yells out: "Without a wind, we'll lose him!!"

There have been many more times than I care to admit, when I've cried out to Heaven, and offered my own, rather insistant 'advice' as to what I think I needed in order to get 'somewhere', or obtain 'something'. In my own pursuits of various Great White Whales, I've often let myself become so blinded by the intense Want of 'It' (whatever 'It' was, at the time), that I didn't realize where 'It' was leading me.

Ahab chased Moby Dick to his own demise, and ended up engulfed as much by his blind passion, as by the ocean itself. Here's hoping that I'll finally be smarter than Ahab, and recognize when it's time to lay down my oars, and silently accept Heaven's decisons for me, as I watch some of my Great White Whales just majestically swim away...

"Without a wind, we'll lose him!!"

... I need to be better at realizing that calm winds are more likely to make for smooth sailing.

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