Monday, May 22, 2006

The Two Part Blog...

Part One: Along The Awesomely Plain Path...

I got up quite early this morning, iPod in hand, & digital camera around my neck. The goal was to enjoy a short, quiet walk while most of the world was still sleeping, and get some photos & ideas for new blogs.

It was a very short walk -- only about 2 feet.

Greeting me as I walked out of my door, were several bright, pink petals that had fallen from a nearby tree, onto my wooden steps. The contrast between the vibrant little marvels of nature, and the lifeless, colorless steps, immediately made me think:

No matter how plain the path ahead, remember to take the time to look down & appreciate the unexpected gifts that line your steps.

Part Two: Carrying The Load

As I came back inside, and started to transfer the pics from my camera onto my laptop, I turned on an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', which I had recorded a few weeks ago. One scene came up, where Chief Engineer O'Brien is reminiscing with an old Captain of his. They are remembering past battles in which they served, and a song that one of their fallen comrades used to sing. Together, they start to quietly sing this old, Irish ballad. The words were:

"The Minstrel Boy to the war is gone,
in the ranks of death you will find him.
His father's sword he hath girded on,
and his wild harp slung behind him.
'Land of Song!', said the warrior bard.
'Tho all the world betrays thee --
one sword, at least, thy rights shall guard;
one faithful harp shall praise thee!'"

I was reminded of a photo that I rec'd in an email last wk. It shows an American soldier -- truly the one sword who guards our Rights. Look at the patches and wording on the soldier's arm. (As with all pictures in any of my blogs, click on the pictures to enlarge). The only thing that needs to be added to the photo, is a simple: 'Thank you!' to all those serving in our military, who to the war is gone.


  1. Hi, stumbled onto your site quite by chance. Neat pics!

  2. Great post...great pics...thanx!