Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not Nobody! Not No-How!...

There are many things in this world that I just don't get. Many people or groups that I just don't understand. And probably never will.

No... this blog isn't about the music icon, Prince (aka 'The Artist Formerly Known As Prince', aka 'The Artist', aka that strange He-She symbol thing). I actually get Prince, what little I know of him & his music. True enough -- I think the man is a freakin Genius. Extremely creative & original. Talent for days. Also true, I admittedly am only really familiar w/some of the smash, radio Hits from his pre-Musicology era (& Musicology is the only CD of Prince's that I own -- luv'd it, btw).

Like I said, I don't know or wouldn't remember the vast majority of Prince's songs, and probably wouldn't listen to most of his song catalog. But, being weened on MTV from when it first came out (& when it actually still played music videos), I do remember the video, "Batdance", which Prince made for the 'Batman' movie. In the video, there were all kinds of Batman & Vicky Vale clones, grooving to a typically inventive and funky Prince beat. In the song, there's this one lyric that I still remember (in fact, it's the ONLY lyric I remember from the song):

"This town needs an enema".

For some reason, that lyric got stuck in my head recently (and I hadn't even woke up from a dream when I remembered it). But, it got me thinking about people & things that really need to have something, anything happen to them, to get them to change. Or to get me to understand them. Or maybe I really just don't get it. Examples of people or things that I just don't get:

  • Terrorists. I don't care from where, or for what -- be they Radical Islamists from the middle east, or Radical Catholics from Ireland. You'd think they would see the disconnect between anything & everything having to do with God or spirituality, and blowing up other people. Or blowing up yourself while blowing up other people. It makes no sense to me. I just don't get it, at all.
  • Television coverage of Nascar, Golf, Bowling, most Olympic 'Sports', & 'Pro' Wrestling, to name but a few. I truly don't get the whole Nascar thing, but it is the most popular spectator sport in the USA. Yep, more so than the NFL, or NBA, or Baseball. I can see where watching these things 'live' might be kinda fun -- I mean, you know that Nascar races must have hella good concession stands. Makes me drool just thinking about it. But to watch it on TV -- can't help but think it loses something in the translation. Ditto w/Golf, bowling, etc..
  • Adam Sandler & Ben Stiller. Two of the most popular and supposedly funniest actors/comedians out there... but again, I just don't get it. I get many more authentic laughs from one, typical Simpson's episode than from anything I've seen from these two gentlemen, put together. When 'Happy Gilmore' aired on TV, it was all I could do to sit thru 5 minutes of it before changing the channel. Even C-Span, showing Senators giving impassioned speeches before an almost completely empty Senate Chamber, was more entertaining.
  • Analysis after a Presidential speech, or debate. I mean, I just saw the speech 3 seconds ago, I don't see the need for anchors & partisans to tell me what it was that I really saw. And what is the point of having someone there from each political bias? You know what they are gonna spout. Even if you catch the same political hack, later on, on a totally different program, they say the exact same thing, almost word for word. I don't wanna hear pre-scripted talking-points from pre-biased stooges. Please! Let me watch it & digest it in peace. Let me get it on my own. I can make my own conclusions without 'experts'.
These are just some of the many things in this world that I just don't get. So, how does all of this relate to the title of this blog: "Not Nobody! Not No-How!"?

Remember when Dorothy & Crew finally made it to Oz, and The Big Door? After explaining their journey & their desire to see The Great And Powerful Wizard of Oz, the intransigent doorman tells them: "Nobody gets in to see The Wizard! Not
nobody! Not no-how!", and firmly shuts the little trap door.

It seems hopeless. That's it. Might as well pack it back to Munchkinland. Dorothy
starts to break down, and is consoled by her hapless friends. She sobs about missing her family and Kansas and Auntie Em. Then the camera cuts to that same stubborn doorman, who just a few seconds earlier seemed totally incapable of changing his stance. He's pouring out buckets of tears, listening to Dorothy's plight. Then he unexpectedly & completely changes his once-unchangeable position, and exclaims to the fab four that somehow he will get them in to see The Wizard.

"I once had an Auntie Em, myself", he declares thru his own change-of-heart tears.

From hopeless to hope, instantly, because of that one, minor little fact.

... Wouldn't it be nice if Bin laden once had an Auntie Em, too? Or maybe he just needs an enema...?

Until then, I just don't get it.

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