Friday, March 31, 2006


listening to the bangles singing manic monday instantly puts me in a great mood, probably because susanna hoffs is such a babe, with those big eyes, looking side to side, like in walk like an egyptian, which reminds me of egypt, which reminds me of rommel... rommel? man, that is twisted, too much military channel, really need to watch more pbs, call in your pledge, pledge cleans dust really well, like the boy in the well, well, well... dawn welles was maryann on gilligan's island, tight blue shorts... omg, must think of something else, maybe orson welles, great voice, dressed in black, and that perfect wisdom beard, wish i could grow one, but doesnt look good, too sparse, like the terrain, which i kinda enjoy, dont like being crowded, elevators are too cramped, but kinda fun to watch everyone in there trying not to watch anyone else, we all look at our shoes, or the lights, or pretend like we are lost in a gaze, gaze, gazelle... even the word looks like a gazelle if the g are the hind legs, and the rest of the letters are the body, and the two l's are the horns... wow where did that come from? pretty bad when i start to morph words into cartoon animals, animals, animal crackers, gawd, would taste soo good right now with cold milk, always eat them by biting the heads off first, then the legs, then the tails, some kind of ritual, like by natives of the pacific islands, with grass skirts, & nice legs, and im back again to maryann! stupid gilligan's island reruns! stuck in my head, skip-perrrr! hey there little buddy, leo the lion eating corned beef from the can and imagining gilligan turning into a meal, why couldnt they ever get off of that stupid island, its not like they didnt have any wood and all the time in the world and all the sap needed to make glue, i mean the professor could make radios from a freakin coconut shell, mmmm coconut cream pie, and im back to maryann again... grrrrr... must think of something else, anything else, stream of consciousness, yes, thats it, a stream, like a river, a cold mountain river, reminds me that im thirsty for something cold, and this diet coke is too watery from the melted ice, and its warm, doesnt taste good at all, wish i had a taco, now that would taste good right now, with some hot sauce, mmm spicey, gotta luv that, mmm spicey... all these mmm's remind me of homer simpson, drooling over a donut, mmm do-nut, doh! dough, doe, a deer, a female deer, ray a drop of golden sun, me a name i call myself, fah a long long way to run, oh geez now i have that song in my head, very annoying, not like roxanne by the police, everytime i hear it i have to play it over n over n over again, gawd i love that song, roooooooxannne! you don't have to turn on the red light! rooooooxannne!... man that is one catchy tune, maybe i'll play it after im done here, then i'll never get to sleep, sound of silence is on the dmx right now, what a great song, smooth harmony, wish i could sing, cant carry a tune in a bucket, like a bucket of chicken from kfc, even cold chicken tastes good, with lots of salt and a cold drink, and here i am with a warm diet coke, whassup with that? and the sign flashed out its warning... signs, warning, like STOP signs, stopping, an end, hit the brakes, time to STOP, end this blog entry, not that anyone will read this all the way to here, HEY SCROLL DOWN, BETTER BLOGS ARE BELOW! STOP!


  1. I read it all the way to here...and now thanx to you Im singing Julie Andrews and heading to the fridge for a cold chicken leg. Have a good Friday!

  2. Don't you ever stop singing "Rooxxaannee"???? You've been singing it for years!!