Monday, March 27, 2006

Blogs. Sitcoms. And Life...

Blog #2. I'm finding out that writing a blog is a bit like writing a sitcom. You always need something fresh, and you don't want it to become predictable -- otherwise, the
audience will just click-over to something else. So, I guess that this would be my 2nd Episode. No word, yet, on the ratings from episode one, since it hasn't officially 'aired'. Yes, even as I'm writing this second installment, I've only told one other person about this blog's existance. I guess that a blog is just a waste of bandwidth, unless other people know that it's even there. So, I'd better let the 'Blog Genie' out of the bottle, sometime soon...

**Deep breath**

Hmmm... MY life as a sitcom. Now there's a scary thought. I'm not sure that even I'd want to watch all of that! I'd rather just TiVo it, so I could skip past the really awful parts, and replay over & over just the parts where I actually lived-up to my billing.

Who'd be in my 'sitcom life'?

I'd be in it, of course. Afterall, I'm the guy with the big, gold star on his dressing room door, right? (I really must remember to re-negotiate my salary, tho!). Who else would be in it? Sitcoms usually have a neighbor figure, who is either really kewl, or a constant
nemesis. I'm pretty lucky in that respect -- I have the best neighbor! We get along great -- no conflicts, or complaints at all. One potential problem, tho -- the woman is a VERY good cook! I mean, she can cook anything! There are times when I come into my door, and am immediately greeted by the aroma of whatever tastey creation she is whipping up! More than once, I've been sent headlong, into a triple pike, with a half-twist, toward the vents on the floor, just to catch a deep wiff of whatever she's cooking.

These rug burns on my nose are getting harder and harder to explain away...

Even so, I think it would be kewl to have a neighbor like Cosmo Kramer, who would always be doing the 'pop-in'. I can just picture him sliding thru my doorway, with that
wild hair of his, & doing those crazy hand and face gestures, exclaiming to me: "Ohhhhh, yeh! I'm stresssssssssssed!"

TV is definitely a subject that I can blog about. Especially the commercials. I really luv those Geico commercials, with the cavemen in the white suits, out to dinner with the Geico pitch-man: "I'll have the roast duck, with the mango salsa." OMG! Cracks me up, everytime!! I also dig those mock, hip-hop commercials from Volkswagon, with the verrrry German dude, wearing the Puff Daddy-esque white suit, 'un-pimping da autoz'.

(Again with the white suits? What's up with that!?!)

More than once have I caught myself walking around the place, doing that VW logo thing with my fingers, undt tawking to myzelf wit dat jerrrrman ahkzent -- "Vee dub in da howze, y'alllll!"

Gawd, I need to get a life!

I guess that the quality of a really good life, is alot like the quality of a really good sitcom. Everything has to work together in order for it to be a success. The Actors. The Writers. The Director. The Producer. The Time Slot. There's not much that any of us can do about our time slot -- we are all firmly set in the current version of Now. Personally, I kinda like being alive at this time in history -- it's becoming harder and harder for me to even remember a time without microwave ovens, the internet, or fast food.

As for The Producer -- that would have to be The Big Guy Upstairs. Quality Producer, there. In fact, He's Top Notch, all the way. So, no problems there. And, as The
Producer, he has a hand (but only a hand) in the Directing, writing, and other characters whom we run into, week by week. We are all the Co-Directors & Co-Writers of the sitcom of our lives. It's that whole 'Free Will' thing, don'tcha know? Whether we choose to be the star in the sitcom of our life -- or some anonymous Extra -- is really up to us.

For the character of Ourself to be happy, depends pretty much on if we choose to live out a life for ourselves that will make us happy.

If we only put forth a partial effort into each scene & reading, then no one is gonna be much interested in caring what happens to us, week by week. And, more importantly, WE won't be very happy with what we end up creating. Partial efforts might bring partial happiness. But, being partially happy isn't really being happy at all, is it?


If we are really lucky, we'll all be able to look back on a long, successful run, & take satisfaction in what we did, week by week, and the overall quality of it. And, even after we've been taken 'off the air', there'd be no need for sadness. Everyone knows that the real rewards of a successful sitcom come after the show is over, and the repeats have made it into Perpetual Syndication.

Live long & prosper, indeed!

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  1. Ya and my life is like a sitcom made for t.v. or maybe HBO some of the lingo wouldn't be good for regular prime time t.v. though hmmmmm i get the underlying morals of the story{ I hope } go with and enjoy the life u have .....make many memories be wise with what you choose for the next episode, if u can.....right??? but great blog very witty I loved it!!!!