Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blog 'Classic'...

For someone who is only a recent convert to label reading, I'm pretty gung-ho about it now (for the most part), especially when I'm trying to take off a few lbs. I read it all. I hold differing brands of cans, side by side, comparing the nutritional value. I probably look pretty informed standing there in the aisle, nodding my head, giving a well reasoned 'Hmmmm' as I take it all in. Having one hand on my chin is always good for theatrical value. Of course, I have NO bloody idea what any of it means, except for the number of Grams of Fat as a Daily %. But, I'm sure it looks good. (Disclaimer: Of course, no matter what the label says, when Ima hungry for a box of Hostess O's with the Cherry filling, the Food Pyramid comes in a distant second to the Craving Obelisk).

One disturbing trend I've noticed is this whole 'Classic' thing. It started when
Coca-Cola messed around with their formula for Coke, and put out a 'new, improved' product. Needless to say, the Coke addicts popped their easy-opening tops, and demanded Coca-Cola return the original formula. (Hmmm... maybe these people actually shop by taste?? ... must be mutants). Wanting to save face, Coca-Cola didn't do away with the new product - but decided to keep it, and also to return the original Coke, now labelled as Coke 'Classic'.


I think they unwittingly ushered-in the 4th Horseman of the Shopping Apocalypse when they did that (I'm not actually sure if it is the 4th one - Apocalyptic Hors
es still fall under my 'shop by color' category. Anyway, it's the Red horsey). Other companies have latched onto the whole 'Classic' genre, and truly it is a Sign O' The Times. Some other examples that come to mind...

Lays Potato Chips has a 'Classic' version. That is one nutritional label I avoid reading... I'm afraid that it will say that they are made with really old potatos.

Even Wonder Bread -- it's BREAD, people!! -- introduced a 'Classic' version for their line of products. Wonder Bread 'Classic', and Wonder Bread Sandwich 'Classic'.

O-M-G! Someone tell me when it's over.

Truly, the end is nigh. But, at least we can take comfort in the fact that it will probably be a Classic ending. Don't forget to duck n cover.

P.S. -- I've noticed that this blog is significantly shorter than my previous 3... maybe I shoulda called it "Blog 'Lite'"?... OMG, don't even get me started...

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