Monday, January 15, 2007

On Second Thought...

As some of you may remember, I wrote a 'Myths & Controversies Blog' last yr, where I laid out my thoughts on some of the great urban myths of our time...

... But, I think I need to re-examine my opinions on at least one of those urban myths: UFOs.

The pic above, as well as the .Gif 'movie' (below) composed of 15 still pics that I, myself, took between 4:52am & 5:12am on September 8, 2004, from my front porch -- are pics of an unidentified object that I witnessed. Another person, on the other side of town, saw it for over an hour, also. I can't say what it was, but I can say what it wasn't: it wasn't a star, or a plane, or a comet, or a weather balloon. It changed posit
ion in the sky -- forward, back, up, down. It was as brighter than the street lamp just across the street from me. And I watched it for over an hour before it disappeared.

Why do I bring this up now?

Yesterday, I was trying to find a phone number for a friend who I hadn't talked to in over a decade. I went thru my old phone bills to try to find the phone number (yes, I have all of my phone bills since 1991! This shouldn't surprise you, if you've read
this blog that I wrote last December).

Anyway, I came across alot of phone numbers to places that I have NO FREAKIN' idea who I knew who lived there!! We're talkin' absolutely NO recognition of the cities or numbers that were on my phone bills. No idea who I knew who lived there at the time.

Blank. Nada. Zip. Totally NO clue.

It was as if a 4 yr period of time from 1991 - 1995 was completely erased from my

... Suddenly, that "abducted by space aliens" theory started to look pretty good!

True story about the 'UFO' that I took pics of, and about the phone number search. I did find the number I was looking for -- it was a number I called in 1995 -- but it had been disconnected. Imagine that -- that person had moved in the past 11 yrs!.

BTW, this is my very first .GIF 'movie' that I've made. I made it using the website, Media Convert, to convert my UFO .jpeg pics to .gif images, and then to the .GIF movie, above. Click on the pic above this paragraph to view the .GIF movie of the unidentified object that I witnessed.


  1. Are you feeling alright? lol great blog and amazing pictures.. that's the thing that makes ya go hmmmmm...

  2. only have one thing to say if that "object" ever comes back......."RUN, Forest, RUN!!!!!!"