Sunday, December 17, 2006

(Updated: 6pm) A Whole Nother World.

(I just took & added the opening top pic, on the right hand side, at 6pm tonite, Dec. 17th. The pic on the left was taken this morning at 6:35 a.m. It will give you an idea of how much additional snow we accumulated during the past 12 hrs -- the tracks in the snow from this morning were completely filled-in, and then more snow on top of that... And, it is STILL litely snowing!! Click on the pics to enlarge).

Been snowing for the better part of two days... it's still snowing this morning.. and due for more snow tonite...

Good thing I'm stocked-up on Hot Chocolate, Totinos Pizza, & firewood.

These are pics of my porch, taken this year on May 22, Sept. 22, Oct. 17, and just now this morning, Dec. 17.

The winters up here are very long -- from about Halloween (end of October) to mid-May... If my electric blanket ever stopped working, I'd probably die!

Enjoy. As always -- click on the pics to enlarge.


  1. OMGoodness and here we are walking around in sweaters and no coats! thanks for sharing!!! Take care and hope your electric blanket is still working.. ::wink wink::

  2. Megan and I both enjoyed your pics and reading your blogs..She loved the snow pics..And I did bookmark it, so when she is resting, I can come back, read and look at all of your wonderful pics..I hope this finds you well..Hugss and lots of love, Megan and Angel

  3. Oh yeah....

    Now I remember why I moved SOUTH!!!

    You can have it, 'bro...give Frosty my regards!...and pass the suntan lotion, will ya??

  4. ok so are you snowed in for good?? i have heard more snow.. how are things with you? take care!

  5. So that is what snow is....have missed it...maybe sometime snow will stay here so we can slide on the interstate and side of now we have no snow just cold....have enjoyed your blogs..stay safe and keep warm