Monday, October 09, 2006

Fall Vacation: Day 2...

Newport, RI Shoreline - WMV

Was a very good, first full day of being a tourist.

We started by touring a very ornate and beautiful mansion in Newport, RI - 'The Breakers'. Very breath-taking: 22 Carat gold leaf ceilings, French Chandeliers, Marble bathtubs, Italian decorative tile... unfortunately, I can't share any of that w you, because pictures were not allowed inside. I'll post a few pics of the outside, and you can let your imagination run wild as to the inside. But trust me -- whatever you imagine for beautiful, extravagant, & powerful, you'll need to multiply by ten to get close to what was there. It was very much like those European chateaus for Kings and Princes. Our tour guide was excellent - I wish I could've snapped a pic of him.

Next, we moved along the coast a ways, where I took a short video of the Newport shoreline. (Click on the "Newport, RI Shoreline - WMV" link, above, to play the video). It was a warm day (mid 70's F*), but windy along the beach. Alot of people were out enjoying the very nice, indian summer day: walking along the beach, jogging, driving around in sports car convertibles, or out sailing.

I took a several pics there, but I'll give you a taste of some of them. There were some really great views.

Then we toured an American fort, dating back to around the Revolutionary War. Again, an excellent tour guide. Was an interesting tour, including pitch black, underground passages.
Next, we finished the day by checking out a replica of the Mayflower. It was interesting - had a couple actors there, in Pilgrim costume, playing parts as if the actual voyagers.

All in all, was a really good day of seeing lots of unique things, that I'd never see anywhere else. Tuesday will be a complete day in Boston. I'll share pics of that with you in tomorrow's blog.

I took several pics today, and a few short videos. I wish I could post all of them here. But I hope that you will enjoy these pics that I have posted. As always, click to enlarge.


  1. I can only imagine the smell of the sea was breathtaking and the sites so mezmorizing.. Beatiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Ooooo another update! YAY! Glad you are having a good time. Be safe.